It’s National Pizza Day! No-one seems to know why, but it’s everyone’s favourite Italian import, so why not! No-one seems to know why Gareth Southgate agreed to star in the, now infamous, Pizza Hut advert either. But it is, and he did, and fair play to him.

“Pizza Hut pan pizzas, unless I’m MISStaken…

“Umm, thank you… ‘Miss!'”

-Stuart Pearce

For those too young to remember 1996, Gareth Southgate missed a penalty for England. Against the Germans. In England. Football was all ready to come home, and then, in a flash, it was off back to Germany again.

Poor Gareth was mortified. But his attempt to make light of the situation left some thinking he was cashing in on the situation.

Gareth Southgate Pizza Hut Advert
PizzaGate – Gareth Southgate’s Pizza Hut Advert

The advert itself was quite funny. Featuring Southgate, alongside Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce (who both missed penalties six years previous in Italia ’90), the main protagonist wore a paper bag on his head, while the other two made jokes at his expense by calling the waitress ‘Miss’. Thankfully the deep pan pizza made him feel better about life, before he leaves, but walks into the wall on his way out, leading Pearce to quip “This time he’s hit the post!”.

Southgate would later tell FourFourTwo Magazine that he regretted doing the ad, saying “I wish I hadn’t done it now. People thought I was just cashing in on it”, which leads it to feature here as a Gareth’s Southgate Scandal.

Personally, I thought it was a funny advert. That penalty on the other hand… #$@&%*!


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